Westward Holdings Professional Advisors Tokyo Japan’s Financial Plan
Westward Holdings holistic strategy to developing your personal financial plan.

A complete financial planning involves, first of all, assessment of every area of your specific personal financial situation and the necessary creation of a strategy to attain your projected goals.

With Westward Holdings’ application of comprehensive and professional methods, you can consolidate your financial objectives with your highest goals in life and substantially increase the opportunity to attain them.

Our well-rounded strategy normally considers the following financial aspects: investment evaluation, cash-flow investigation, tax position, risk measurement, retirement planning, educational-cost planning and legacy preparation.

Upon the collection of all your information and once our advisors acquired a full appreciation of your status, you will obtain a better degree of control and understanding of your finances, assets and investments. This fresh confidence to develop a sound foundation will allow you to make calculated moves and well-researched investment decisions.

Westward Holdings utilizes a Six-Step Method:

1. Introduction 
The client-adviser relationship is defined (Including our mutual expectations). 

2. Discovery 
Relevant client information is gathered. 

3. Clarity 
An objective evaluation of your financial condition and your goals is undertaken.

4. Ideas 
We collaborate on the creation and deriving of solutions and/or options. 

5. Implementation 
We apply the solutions into the investment process. 

6. Review & Update 
Manage and update solutions if necessary (Westward Holdings meticulously checks the fine points of your financial circumstances).

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